Kristin J Holoch

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Endometriosis is an enigmatic disease affecting up to 10% of reproductive-aged women causing pain and infertility. Up to 50% of women with endometriosis are infertile, and agreement about treatment options has been difficult to establish. The association between endometriosis and infertility is derived from comparisons of fertile and infertile women, animal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate endometrial leukemia inhibitor factor (LIF) expression as a marker of endometrial receptivity in women with unexplained infertility (UI). DESIGN Prospective case-control study. SETTING University-associated infertility clinics. PATIENT(S) Women with UI for more than 1 year and healthy control women. INTERVENTION(S) Endometrial(More)
Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is defined by two or more failed pregnancies and accounts for only 1-5% of pregnancy failures. Treatment options for unexplained RPL (uRPL) are limited. Previous studies suggest a link between delayed implantation and pregnancy loss. Based on this, a timely signal for rescue of the corpus luteum (CL) using human chorionic(More)
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