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This study examined disclosing sexual orientation at work for 220 gay men and 159 lesbians. Self-acceptance, the centrality of one's identity, how "out" one is to friends and family, employer policies, and perceived employer gay-supportiveness were associated with disclosure behaviors at work for gay/lesbian employees. Disclosing at work and working for an(More)
Patient psychological distress is associated with many aspects of the bone marrow transplantation (BMT) process and has been linked with poor treatment outcomes. We assessed psychological distress in potential BMT candidates, and compared patient and nurse coordinator ratings of emotional distress at the time of initial BMT consultation. Fifty patients(More)
BACKGROUND Pathological gambling is becoming an increasing problem in the United States as the number of legalized gambling establishments grows. To examine vulnerability to pathological gambling, we estimated the familial contributions (i.e. inherited factors and/or experiences shared by twin siblings during childhood) to DSM-III-R pathological gambling(More)
OBJECTIVE This study reports the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among a nationally distributed sample of Vietnam Era veterans assessed using standardized psychiatric interviewing methods. METHODS In 1992, the National Institute of Mental Health Diagnostic Interview Schedule was administered by telephone to 8,169 middle-aged males who served in the(More)
Sixteen children, all inpatients at a state psychiatric hospital, received combined medical and psychological treatment for encopresis. One-year follow-up showed significant improvement. The results suggest that encopresis can be treated in severely emotionally disturbed children with a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach.
The current study investigated the effectiveness of stating and modeling contingencies in increasing food consumption for two children with food selectivity. Results suggested that stating and modeling a differential reinforcement (DR) contingency for food consumption was effective in increasing consumption of two target foods for one child, and stating and(More)
Rapid eating, a potentially dangerous and socially inappropriate behavior, has received relatively little attention in the literature. This study sought to extend the research in this area by further evaluating the effectiveness of a vibrating pager combined with a rule for increasing inter-response time between bites in one adolescent female diagnosed with(More)
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