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Highly attenuated poxviruses are promising vectors for protective and therapeutic vaccines. These vectors do not replicate in human cells and can therefore be safely given even to immunocompromised recipients. They can accommodate very large inserts and provide strong stimulation of the immune system against the vectored antigen. Disadvantages include that(More)
Veterinary vaccines contribute to food security, interrupt zoonotic transmissions, and help to maintain overall health in livestock. Although vaccines are usually cost-effective, their adoption depends on a multitude of factors. Because poultry vaccines are usually given to birds with a short life span, very low production cost per dose is one important(More)
Background In early development stages of biologicals there is often more than one molecule against a specific target. A careful candidate evaluation is crucial to choose an optimal lead variant for further development. Complex biologicals are typically produced in CHO cells and host cells as well as the process are known to influence important molecule(More)
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