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There is considerable interest in developing predictive capabilities for social diffusion processes, for instance to permit early identification of emerging contentious situations, rapid detection of disease outbreaks, or accurate forecasting of the ultimate reach of potentially “viral” ideas or behaviors. This paper proposes a new approach to this(More)
This two-part paper presents a new approach to predictive analysis for social processes. In Part I, we begin by identifying a class of social processes which are simultaneously important in applications and difficult to predict using existing methods. It is shown that these processes can be modeled within a multi-scale, stochastic hybrid system framework(More)
This paper presents a computational approach to inferring the sentiment orientation of “social media” content (e.g., blog posts) which focuses on the challenges associated with Web-based analysis. The proposed methodology formulates the task as one of text classification, models the data as a bipartite graph of documents and words, and uses(More)