Kristin E. Buentello

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The title mol-ecule, [Fe(C(36)H(44)N(4))Cl]·1.5CH(2)Cl(2), is a high-spin square-pyramidal iron(III) porphyrinate with an average value for the equatorial Fe-N bond lengths of 2.065 (3) Å and an axial Fe-Cl distance of 2.2430 (13) Å. The iron cation is displaced by 0.518 (1) Å from the 24-atom mean plane of the porphyrin ring. These values are typical for(More)
The electrochemistry of [Cu(OEP)] and [Ni(OEP)] are compared with the mixed-valence π-cations [Cu(OEP•/2)]2+and[Ni(OEP•/2)]2+. These electrochemical studies, carried out with cyclic voltametry and hydrodynamic voltametry, show that the mixed valence π-cations have distinct electrochemical properties, although the differences between the [M(OEP)](+/0) and(More)
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