Kristin Duncan

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Tropical bartonellosis is a highly fatal epidemic and endemic infectious disease that occurs throughout the communities of the Andes Mountains in South America. The disease is caused by the facultative intracellular bacteria, Bartonella bacilliformis. The emergence of bartonellosis in new geographic areas and an increase in the number of reported cases(More)
Over the past decade, Internet surveys have become a popular method for collecting data about the general population. In 2005, the Harris Poll published findings which claimed that 74% of the United States Population had access to the Internet access somewhere. While this number has steadily risen over recent years, bias still may be introduced if the(More)
As managed care organizations become the major payer model for the higher-need, higher-risk population of Aid to Families with Dependent Children women and children, they would benefit from looking at lessons learned during the past decade as policy makers and providers struggled to identify less costly, but effective strategies to reduce morbidity and(More)
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