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We present a tool for computer aided choreography titled Scud-dle. Scuddle uses a Genetic Algorithm to generate movement catalysts for contemporary choreography. The use of movement catalysts challenge choreographers to distance themselves from habits to better explore creative movement. Scuddle was designed as a method for both facilitating creativity and(More)
This paper describes the conceptual and implementation shift from a creative research-based evolutionary system to a real-world evolutionary system for professional designers. The initial system, DarwinsGaze, is a Creative Genetic Programing system based on creative cognition theories. It generated artwork that 10,000's of viewers perceived as human-created(More)
Choreography is the art of crafting movement, developed through a long history of techniques. Like other compositional processes, choreography is a complex creative process that explores a variety of formal procedures that can result in unique artistic creations. Current computational systems for assisting choreography tend to be idiosyncratic, with(More)
This research investigates audience experience of empathy with a performer during a digitally mediated performance. Theatrical performance necessitates social interaction between performers and audience. We present a performance-based study that explores audience awareness of performer's kinaesthetic activity in 2 ways: by isolating the audience's(More)
In this paper, we investigate the value and challenges of observing movement experience in embodied design. We interviewed three design researchers selected from a CHI2014 panel on designing for the experiential body. For each designer, we analyzed a publication describing their process of observing movement experience. By analyzing the interviews and(More)
Tools for interaction with movement data are proliferating on the consumer market, demonstrating the increased valuation of whole-body movement in product and interaction design. However, few of these tools support creative authoring on user-friendly platforms. We present a system titled 'iDanceForms' (iDF) as a mobile sketching tool for designing creative(More)
This paper illustrates a prototype for visualizing contemporary dance through a movement analysis tool, entitled ActionPlot. Contemporary dance is an experiential and time based art form with few available analysis techniques. Our design facilitates structural analysis of dance performance by codifying and plotting expert viewer information. ActionPlot is(More)
While mobile authoring applications are proliferating, choreographic tools that support the generation and transformation of user-created movement `samples' are less readily available. iDanceForms is a novel mobile choreographic application that generates unique movement choices through a camera stillframing technique to provoke movement catalysts. In(More)
spaceDisplaced: Investigating Presence Through Mediated Participatory Environments is an interdisciplinary telepresence performance that linked four physical spaces. We conducted a participatory telepresence performance to explore how the experience of presence in separate spaces is influenced by the scale, function, sonic potential and accessibility of the(More)