Kristin Bunge

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Cytokines drive many inflammatory diseases, including asthma. Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for cytokine secretion will allow us to develop novel strategies to repress inflammation in the future. Harnessing the power of endogenous anti-inflammatory proteins is one such strategy. In this study, we investigate the p38 MAPK-mediated(More)
Inflammasomes have emerged as playing key roles in inflammation and innate immunity. A growing body of evidence has suggested that the nucleotide-binding domain and leucine-rich repeat protein-3 (NLRP3) inflammasome is important in chronic airway diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Inflammasome activation results, in part, in(More)
Exaggerated cytokine secretion drives pathogenesis of a number of chronic inflammatory diseases, including asthma. Anti-inflammatory pharmacotherapies, including corticosteroids, are front-line therapies and although they have proven clinical utility, the molecular mechanisms responsible for their actions are not fully understood. The(More)
1 Faculty of Pharmacy 10 University of Sydney 11 NSW 2006 Australia 12 13 14 2 Woolcock Institute of Medical Research 15 University of Sydney 16 NSW 2006 Australia 17 18 19 3 Centre for Translational Inflammation Research 20 School of Immunity and Infection 21 University of Birmingham 22 Edgbaston B15 2TT United Kingdom 23 24 Corresponding author: Alaina J.(More)
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