Kristin A. Farry

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Previous research showed that whitening the surface electromyogram (EMG) can improve EMG amplitude estimation (where EMG amplitude is defined as the time-varying standard deviation of the EMG). However, conventional whitening via a linear filter seems to fail at low EMG amplitude levels, perhaps due to additive background noise in the measured EMG. This(More)
To the Editor: In their Commentary on obesity and the economy, Drs Ludwig and Pollack provided some useful suggestions for reducing obesity by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the global financial crisis. However, their major premise—that obesity will increase in the current economic downturn—is unsupported by existing data. This is often(More)
Teleoperation continues to be a primary control mode in robotics applications, particularly for robots with complex hands. This paper details a novel method of teleoperation of complex anthropomorphic robotic hands: converting the myoelectric signal (generated by the operator’s muscles during movement) into robot commands replicating the motion. Myoelectric(More)
eh;-. We explain Thomson's crude multiple window method (MWM), a nonparamet& spectral estimator with low bias and variance. We then compare its output to Hamming-windowed periodogrm and autoregressive (AR) method outputs for a sample myoelectric signal. Our goal is a speclral estimator to embed in a myoelectric controller. hlroductim. Myoelectric signal(More)
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