Kristijan Damijanić

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The effects of six maceration treatments on volatile aroma and phenol composition of Teran red wine were studied: standard maceration (control C), cold pre-fermentation maceration (CPM), saignée (S), pre-fermentation heating with extended maceration (PHT) or juice fermentation (PHP), and post-fermentation heating (POH). PHP wine contained the highest(More)
The evolution of free anthocyanins during the five different fermentation temperatures (control treatment at 22 °C, 5 days prefermentative cryomaceration at 5 °C followed by maceration at 25 °C, maceration at 25 °C, maceration at 30 °C and maceration at 25 °C + heated post-fermentation maceration to 35-40 °C after finished alcoholic fermentation) of Teran(More)
Eff ects of maceration duration on the phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity in red grapevine variety ‘Teran’ (Vitis vinifera L.) was investigated in this study. Total phenolics, fl avonoids, nonfl avonoids, individual and total anthocyanins, vanilin index and antioxidant capacity measured by DPPH, ABST and FRAP methods were determined in ‘Teran’(More)
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