Kristiina Karvonen

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Setting up security associations between end-user devices is a challenging task when it needs to be done by ordinary users. The increasing popularity of powerful personal electronics with wireless communication abilities has made the problem more urgent than ever before. During the last few years, several solutions have appeared in the research literature.(More)
This paper presents a multicultural comparison on users' perception on computer security issues in Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. Special emphasis is given to the notion of trust: how trusting relations are formed both in an electronic environment, namely, the Internet, as well as outside it, in the real world. A set of user interviews, together with(More)
Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular at homes. Today, most wireless home networks are used for Internet access only, but as devices at home become more intelligent, they start to communicate with each other within the home network as well. When this happens, new security concerns will arise. The issue of WLAN link layer security has been well(More)
In this paper, we describe a study conducted to better understand and improve the usability of the reputation elements on an online widget sharing site called WidSets. With a series of interviews and an online questionnaire with users of WidSets, we seek to understand the motivations and instigators of the actual usage, the level of understanding, and(More)
Helsinki and Vienna had a lot of fun using our prototype " pictorial communicator " for a few weeks. They came up with a few creative applications of their own. We take a look at some of the results. 12 hat do family members do when they have a simple, efficient instrument for sending one another digital pictures? What will they use it for? The Maypole team(More)
Host Identity Protocol (HIP) proposes a change to the Internet architecture by introducing cryptographically-secured names, called Host Identities (HIs), for hosts. Applications use HIs instead of IP addresses in transport layer connections, which allows applications to tolerate host-based mobility better. HIP provides IPsec-based, lower-layer security, but(More)
The use of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications involves a number of security threats and usability issues, leading to possible breaches of security and privacy. With the adoption of future peer-to-peer communication systems, the challenges grow even more as we rely on untrusted peers to access the service. We are developing a peer-to-peer VoIP system which(More)