Kristien Schirmer

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Gills are unique structures involved in respiration and osmoregulation in piscinids as well as in many aquatic invertebrates. The availability of the trout-derived gill cell line, RTgill-W1, is beginning to make impacts in fish health and toxicology. These cells are available from the American Type Culture Collection as ATCC CRL 2523. The cells have an(More)
The experiment is made to describe the present knowledge of immune pathogenesis of the glomerulonephritis and the therapeutic account resulting from this. On principle it is to be differentiated between basal membrane-antibody-glomerulonephritis, as it is to be found above all in Goodpastures syndrome, and the essentially more frequent immune complex(More)
Cell biology, as monitored with the fluorescent indicator dyes Alamar Blue and 5-carboxyfluorescein diacetate acetoxymethyl ester (CFDA-AM), and lens optical quality, as measured with an in vitro scanning laser system, have been used to evaluate in vitro the condition of porcine lenses after being placed in a culture medium. The measurements, beginning from(More)
In female patients with intermitting or permanent inclination to oedemas and intake of diuretics after exclusion of cardiac, renal, venous and lymphogenic causes should be thought of the clinical picture of the idiopathic and diuretic-induced oedema, respectively. Pathophysiologically, the two forms underlie an activation of the(More)