Kristie L. Cooper

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We present two novel schemes for refractometry based on a long-period fiber grating- (LPG-) based Michelson interferometer. These schemes are designed to overcome the measurement dependence of previously demonstrated LPG-based refractometry on the immersion depth. The first utilizes an unshielded LPG and the second, a shielded one. Both schemes were tested(More)
An all-fused-silica pressure sensor fabricated directly onto a fiber tip of 125 microm diameter is described. Simple fabrication steps include only cleaving and fusion splicing. Because no chemical processes are involved, the fabrication is easy, safe, and cost effective. Issues in sensor design and loss analysis are discussed. The sensor has been tested(More)
The electrostatic self-assembly monolayer process has been utilized for what is believed to be the first time to deposit quarter-wavelength stacks on the end faces of cleaved and polished optical fibers. Standard multimode optical fibers as well as single-mode optical fibers were used as substrates with different coating materials to fabricate broadband(More)
The application of photonic biosensor assays to diagnose the category-A select agent Francisella tularensis was investigated. Both interferometric and long period fiber grating sensing structures were successfully demonstrated; both these sensors are capable of detecting the optical changes induced by either immunological binding or DNA hybridization.(More)
A fiber-optic sensor is designed based on multicavity Fabry-Perot interferometry for the study of optical thickness in self-assembled thin-film layers. This miniature sensor is applicable not only to the measurement of self-assembled polyelectrolyte layers but also to the immobilization of proteins such as immunoglobulin G (IgG). The binding of IgG and the(More)
We present a miniature diaphragm-based Fabry-Perot (F-P) interferometric fiber optic sensor fabricated by novel techniques for pressure or acoustic wave measurement that is only approximately 0.32 mm in diameter. By choosing different diaphragm thicknesses and effective diameters, we obtain a sensor measurement range from 5 to 10,000 psi (1 psi = 51.72(More)
An optical fiber humidity sensor was fabricated forming a nanometer-scale Fabry-Perot interferometer by using the Ionic Self-Assembly Monolayer (ISAM) method. The materials used were Poly R-478 and poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium chloride). Taking advantage of the precision that the ISAM method can achieve in controlling the length of the nano cavity, the(More)
The design and construction of a synchronous-scanning underwater imaging system capable of rapid two-dimensional scanning are described. The imager employs a 7-W, all-lines, argon-ion laser in onjunction with a galvanometrically driven raster scanner and an image-dissector tube receiver. The imager is capable of directly generating real-time RS-170 video(More)