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Total Synthesis of a Functional Designer Eukaryotic Chromosome
The complete design and synthesis of synIII establishes S. cerevisiae as the basis for designer eukaryotic genome biology, and includes TAG/TAA stop-codon replacements, deletion of subtelomeric regions, introns, transfer RNAs, transposons, and silent mating loci as well as insertion of loxPsym sites to enable genome scrambling. Expand
Embedded multicellular spheroids as a biomimetic 3D cancer model for evaluating drug and drug-device combinations.
The findings highlight the synergistic beneficial results that may arise from the use of a drug delivery system, and the need to evaluate both drug candidates and delivery systems in the research and preclinical screening phases of a new cancer therapy development program. Expand
A dendritic thioester hydrogel based on thiol-thioester exchange as a dissolvable sealant system for wound closure.
A dissolvable dendritic thioester hydrogel based on thiol-thioester exchange for wound closure is reported. The hydrogel sealant adheres strongly to tissues, closes an ex vivo vein puncture, andExpand