Kristian Wende

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Adequate chronic wound healing is a major problem in medicine. A new solution might be non-thermal atmospheric-pressure plasma effectively inactivating microorganisms and influencing cells in wound healing. Plasma components as, for example, radicals can affect cells differently. HaCaT keratinocytes were treated with Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma(More)
In the search for bioactive compounds, 11 fungal strains were isolated from Indonesian marine habitats. Ethyl acetate extracts of their culture broth were tested for cytotoxic activity against a urinary bladder carcinoma cell line and for antifungal and antibacterial activities against fish and human pathogenic bacteria as well as against plant and human(More)
In plasma medicine, cold physical plasma delivers a delicate mixture of reactive components to cells and tissues. Recent studies suggested a beneficial role of cold plasma in wound healing. Yet, the biological processes related to the redox modulation via plasma are not fully understood. We here used the monocytic cell line THP-1 as a model to test their(More)
The effect of Lentinula edodes water extract (LE) on two osteoblastic cell cultures (HOS 58 and Saos-2) was investigated to determine if this edible medicinal mushroom has osteoinductive properties. Activity of alkaline phosphatase and mineralization were used as indicators for the vitality and maturation of the bone cells. Cultivation of human osteosarcoma(More)
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