Kristian T. Simsarian

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We describe the iterative design of two collaborative storytelling technologies for young children, KidPad and the Klump. We focus on the idea of designing interfaces to subtly encourage collaboration so that children are invited to discover the added benefits of working together. This idea has been motivated by our experiences of using early versions of(More)
Using role play at every stage of the design process has been a vital tool for IDEO in working with clients and users. With the dual properties of bringing participants into the moment and making shared activities physical rather than just mental, role playing techniques make the process more experiential and creatively generative. Role playing is(More)
This paper addresses the problem of mobile robot self-localization given a polygonal map and a set of observed edge segments. The standard approach to this problem uses interpretation tree search with pruning heuristics to match observed edges to map edges. Our approach introduces a preprocessing step in which the map is decomposed into view-invariant(More)
Through interactive augmented virtuality we provide the ability to interactively explore a remote space inside a virtual environment. This paper presents a tool and technique that can be used to create such virtual worlds that are augmented by video textures taken of real world objects. The system constructs and updates, in near real-time, a representation(More)
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