Kristian Svendsen

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A study of sleep deprivation therapy was made in 62 females and 15 males, aged 20-72, with monopolar (60 patients) and bipolar (17 patients) types of manic-depressive psychosis. Of these patients, 30 had suffered only the current depression, 29 a maximum of five depressions, and 18 more than five depressions before the sleep deprivation therapy. Twenty-five(More)
Twenty-three depressed patients were treated with antidepressant drugs or ECT. Thirteen of the depressions were clinically of the endogenous type, and all these patients responded well to therapy. Ten patients suffered from atypical depression; of these only seven reacted favourably to therapy. EEG showed that patients who were cured had short REM(More)
Analgesics are commonly used drugs. The long-term effectiveness is mostly unproven, while the risk of several serious adverse effects is well established. We aimed to estimate the prevalence and incidence of persistent analgesic use and the association with chronic pain and sociodemographic and comorbid risk factors. The Tromsø Study is an epidemiological,(More)
Purpose Mechanical neck pain is a common condition that affects almost three quarters of individuals at some point in their lives. Little research exists to guide the choice of therapy for acute and subacute neck pain. The purpose of this presentation is to present the results of a randomized clinical trial assessing the relative efficacy of spinal(More)
Purpose Neck pain (NP) is a common condition in old age, leading to impaired functional ability and decreased independence. Spinal manipulation and exercise are common and effective treatments for the general NP population; however, their effectiveness among seniors is unknown. The primary aim of this randomized clinical trail was to assess the relative(More)
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