Kristian Sabo

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Original scientific paper This paper describes a fast Fourier transformation and its application to monitoring tool wear. It describes the transformation of the collected signal during cutting from the time domain to the frequency. The introduction describes the discrete Fourier transform, DFT deficiency observed in a large number of samples. Therefore, its(More)
We consider the problem of searching for a best LAD-solution of an overdetermined system of linear equations Xa = z, X ∈ Rm×n, m ≥ n, a ∈ R, z ∈ R. This problem is equivalent to the problem of determining a best LADhyperplane x → a x, x ∈ R on the basis of given data (xi , zi),xi = (x (i) 1 , . . . , x (i) n ) T ∈ R, zi ∈ R, i = 1, . . . ,m, whereby the(More)