Kristian Rother

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Bacterial ribosomes stalled at the 3' end of malfunctioning messenger RNAs can be rescued by transfer-messenger RNA (tmRNA)-mediated trans-translation. The SmpB protein forms a complex with the tmRNA, and the transfer-RNA-like domain (TLD) of the tmRNA then enters the A site of the ribosome. Subsequently, the TLD-SmpB module is translocated to the P site, a(More)
Pseudoknots are abundant in RNA structures. Many computational analyses require pseudoknot-free structures, which means that some of the base pairs in the knotted structure must be disregarded to obtain a nested structure. There is a surprising diversity of methods to perform this pseudoknot removal task, but these methods are often poorly described and(More)
The 3D structures of macromolecules are difficult to grasp and also to communicate. By their nature, movies or animations are particularly useful for highlighting key features by offering a 'guided tour' of structures and conformation changes. However, high-quality movies are rarely seen because they are currently difficult and time consuming to make. By(More)
The clearing of monoclonal and polyclonal and anti-insulin antibodies from homogeneous solutions at 100,000 X g was used to estimate the size of soluble insulin-antibody complexes at physiologic concentrations. Monoclonal antibodies cleared as a uniform population of 6.6 S independent of the insulin concentration. Polyclonal antibodies cleared as 6.6 S(More)
It is observed that during divergent evolution of two proteins with a common phylogenetic origin, the structural similarity of their backbones is often preserved even when the sequence similarity between them decreases to a virtually undetectable level. Here we analyzed, whether the conservation of structure along evolution involves also the local atomic(More)
A variety of protein physicochemical as well as topological properties, demonstrate a scaling behavior relative to chain length. Many of the scalings can be modeled as a power law which is qualitatively similar across the examples. In this article, we suggest a rational explanation to these observations on the basis of both protein connectivity and(More)
Preliminary response to Janus kinase inhibition with baricitinib in chronic atypical neutrophilic dermatosis with lipodystrophy and elevated temperatures (CANDLE) G Montealegre, A Reinhardt, P Brogan, Y Berkun, A Zlotogorski, D Brown, P Chira, L Gao, J Dare, S Schalm, R Merino, D Chapelle, H Kim, S Judd, M O’Brien, A Almeida De Jesus, Y Kim, B Kost, Y(More)