Kristian Rotaru

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Following calls to advance the integration of risk and business process modelling paradigms, this paper formalises the process of incorporating risk into business process models through the principles of Value-Focused Process Engineering (VFPE). In doing so, the paper aims to extend the existing VFPE modelling notation to create a common syntax by which to(More)
To address the limitations of the traditional performance measurement systems (PMSs) in visualizing risk and preventing excessive managerial risk-taking, a number of research studies proposed to extend the functionality of PMSs by incorporating risk measures and goals and thereby enabling a better view on organizational risk exposures. While researchers(More)
Following calls to enhance risk-sensitivity of second generation Operational Risk-Aware Information Systems (ORISs), this paper aims to address the lack of ontological/epistemological grounding for the concept of Operational Risk (OR). Herein, OR is regarded both as a property of a real system and as a representational phenomenon forming part of the core of(More)
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