Kristian Packalén

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According to Tim Berners-Lee, wiki technology represents an instantiation of how the World Wide Web was planned to work: a platform that users can use both to retrieve content (read) and contribute content (write). Wiki technology lends itself to many uses. One of the main features of wiki technology is its support for collaborative editing of content. In(More)
Regardless of what ICT solutions are planned or proposed, or in what situations ICT is considered, it is important to first have a thorough understanding of the current state of the situation in the organization in question, so as to be able to understand the ereadiness and the challenges that need to be overcome in the adoption process and resource-wise of(More)
End-user development of spreadsheet applications or models is both a problem and opportunity for small organisations. In an educational programme aimed at small-business owners, we have observed the problems end-user developers in small organisations are facing. They lack essential basic computer skills, yet when they have been taught these they will soon(More)
In an ICT R&D project in the Finnish archipelago, we have come in contact with 17 small business owners, and have gained hands-on information regarding some of the challenges they are facing and problems they have in their everyday work routines. We believe one solution for SMEs in similar settings is to start collaborating more, forming collaborative(More)
Information and communication technology offers the opportunity to make current work more effective and enable new developments. This is in particular needed in micro-organisations, who have to cope with very limited resources. End-user development could be a solution for these problems. However, supporting the heterogeneous user population is problematic.(More)
Five municipalities in the Turku archipelago in Finland face a new challenge when they are merging to form one city on January 1, 2009. This paper discusses the challenges ahead and describes the early stages of a research and development project which will propose, develop and implement solutions, especially involving interactive technologies, for a new(More)
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