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On-line support-a virtual treasure trove for end-user developers in small organisations?" ABSTRACT End-user development of spreadsheet applications or models is both a problem and opportunity for small organisations. In an educational programme aimed at small-business owners, we have observed the problems end-user developers in small organisations are(More)
In an ICT R&D project in the Finnish archipelago, we have come in contact with 17 small business owners, and have gained hands-on information regarding some of the challenges they are facing and problems they have in their everyday work routines. We believe one solution for SMEs in similar settings is to start collaborating more, forming collaborative(More)
Looking beyond the veil – what makes the micro organisation end-user developers tick?" ABSTRACT Information and communication technology offers the opportunity to make current work more effective and enable new developments. This is in particular needed in micro-organisations, who have to cope with very limited resources. End-user development could be a(More)
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