Kristian Nilsson

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—Three key issues should be addressed to enable universities to deliver engineers who have a solid documented laboratory experience enabling them to design goods and services complying with the requirements of a sustainable society. First, introduce learning objectives of engineering instructional laboratories in courses including laboratory components.(More)
It is obvious that our society needs more engineers. It is also true that mankind must live in symbiosis with nature and focus on sustainability and understanding. Thus, engineers must be able to design products and services which are in line with the principles of nature and the only way to become familiar with these principles is to perform many physical(More)
1 Figure1. General view of the core parts in the system. Abstract—in this paper, we present a way for students to access and operate laboratory equipment, controlled by a laboratory computer via a remote access program. In this way, the solution is not dependent on the specific laboratory equipment, as long as the equipment can be remotely controlled. The(More)
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