Kristian Martinsen

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A general problem when evaluating ultrasonic methods for tissue characterization is that "a golden standard" is seldom known. This paper describes a manual method to obtain a reference image, with the same geometry as the ultrasound image, indicating spatial location of the different tissue types present in the biological tissue scanned in vitro. A 30 x 10(More)
CONTEXT Use of 80% oxygen during surgery has been suggested to reduce the risk of surgical wound infections, but this effect has not been consistently identified. The effect of 80% oxygen on pulmonary complications has not been well defined. OBJECTIVE To assess whether use of 80% oxygen reduces the frequency of surgical site infection without increasing(More)
Multi-angle compound images were generated with four schemes: mean, median, root-mean-square and geometric mean. The in vitro images, based on formalin fixed porcine tissue, were analyzed by visual inspection and by calculation of speckle contrast and contrast between different tissues. The mean and rms images featured the largest enhancement of distributed(More)
IMPORTANCE Acute kidney injury, a common complication of surgery, is associated with poor outcomes and high health care costs. Some studies suggest aspirin or clonidine administered during the perioperative period reduces the risk of acute kidney injury; however, these effects are uncertain and each intervention has the potential for harm. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Good toleranceand variation management is essential to achieve high value adding products with cost-effective processes. The link between Tolerance Engineering and popular manufacturing improvement philosophies such as Lean and Six Sigma is, however, not always that clear. The possibilities and limitations of these two approaches on Tolerance Engineering(More)
Raufoss Chassis Technology (RCT) manufactures wheel suspension parts in aluminium for cars. Large volumes of identical parts, fully automated production lines combined with the extreme demands on speed, precision and quality, makes fast response to changing demands important for the overall competitiveness. The manufacturing unit has been built and(More)