Kristian Konigsson

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In the purpose to provide further information in respect of the relationship between metabolism and post partum (PP) ovarian activity resumption in dairy cows, the aim of the present study was to characterize the energy balance (EB) and leptin, NEFA and IGF-I plasma levels in Swedish Red and White (SRW) cows with and without ovarian activity re-initiation(More)
Konigsson, K. 2001. Induced Parturition and Retained Placenta in the Cow. Inhibition of prostaglandin F z a synthesis and antibiotic therapy Doctor's dissertation. In order to study rapid changes in 1 5-kctodihydro-PGF2, (PG-metabolite), in the period preceding parturition in cattle, prc-term parturition was induced by dcxamcthasonc injection in four(More)
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