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Lifted inference algorithms exploit repeated structure in prob-abilistic models to answer queries efficiently. Previous work such as de Salvo Braz et al.'s first-order variable elimination (FOVE) has focused on the sharing of potentials across interchangeable random variables. In this paper, we also exploit interchangeability within individual potentials by(More)
Bayesian networks provide an elegant formalism for representing and reasoning about uncertainty using probability theory. They are a probabilistic extension of propositional logic and, hence, inherit some of the limitations of propositional logic, such as the difficulties to represent objects and relations. We introduce a generalization of Bayesian(More)
This paper presents a novel Gaussian process (GP) approach to regression with input-dependent noise rates. We follow Goldberg et al.'s approach and model the noise variance using a second GP in addition to the GP governing the noise-free output value. In contrast to Goldberg et al., however, we do not use a Markov chain Monte Carlo method to approximate the(More)
Dependency networks approximate a joint probability distribution over multiple random variables as a product of conditional distributions. Relational Dependency Networks (RDNs) are graphical models that extend dependency networks to relational domains. This higher expressivity, however, comes at the expense of a more complex model-selection problem: an(More)