Kristian Johansen

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We are developing an approach to organizing bookmarks and other information resources by annotating them with metadata in the form of synsets taken from WordNet. This paper shows how a collection of annotated bookmarks can be semantically enriched by adding hyper-/hyponym relations from WordNet. It then illustrates how the semantically enriched bookmark(More)
Since low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWHs) are eliminated preferentially via the kidneys, the potential for accumulation of these agents (and an increased risk of bleeding) is of particular concern in populations with a high prevalence of renal impairment, such as the elderly and patients with cancer. The risk of clinically relevant accumulation of(More)
Semantic or "rich" tagging can be a source of valuable metadata which can be used for discovery and interoperability. We present a tool that uses semantic tags to construct lightweight ontologies which can provide valuable semantic metadata about the tagged resources, and can enhance interoperability and knowledge discovery on the basis of these tags. We(More)
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