Kristian Jönsson

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_______________________________________________________________ Traditional theory attributes fluctuations in real exchange rates to changes in the relative price of nontraded goods. This paper studies the relation between the United States’ bilateral real exchange rate and the associated bilateral relative price of nontraded goods for five of its most(More)
For interferon-alfa-2 (IFN-alfa-2) finished products a simple potency assay for batch consistency control or market surveillance studies is lacking. The European Pharmacopoeia monograph "Interferon alfa-2 concentrated solution" applies to bulk product and requires a cell culture potency assay which is neither straightforward nor are its precision and(More)
The current European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) texts for Interferon (IFN)-alfa-2 include a nonspecific photometric protein assay using albumin as calibrator and a highly variable cell-based assay for the potency determination of the protective effects. A request was expressed by the Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) for improved methods for the(More)
Identifying systemic institutions has developed into a key policy priority in the wake of the global financial crisis. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has developed global standards on systemically important banks (SIBs), and the implementation of those standards in Europe requires national authorities to identify banks that are systemically(More)
In the current paper, the finite-sample stability of various implementations of the KPSS test is studied. The implementations considered differ in how the so-called long-run variance is estimated under the null hypothesis. More specifically, the effects that the choice of kernel, the value of the bandwidth parameter and the application of a prewhitening(More)
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