Kristian Hentschel

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We describe an approach for developing a campus-wide sensor network using commodity single board computers. We sketch various use cases for environmental sensor data, for different university stakeholders. Our key premise is that supersensors -- sensors with significant compute capability -- enable more flexible data collection, processing and reaction. In(More)
GPU and multicore hardware architectures are commonly used in many different application areas to accelerate problem solutions relative to single CPU architectures. The typical approach to accessing these hardware architectures requires embedding logic into the programming language used to construct the application; the two primary forms of embedding are:(More)
We have developed nine speculative ("half-resolution") prototypes as part of our project to explore future possibilities for television experiences as widely as possible. The prototypes are physical representations of our research into why people watch television and what they like and dislike about it. Their physicality improves engagement and quality of(More)
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