Kristian Edlund

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— The word flexibility is central to Smart Grid literature, but to this day a formal definition of flexibility is still pending. This paper present a taxonomy for modeling flexibility in Smart Grids, denoted Buckets, Batteries and Bakeries. We consider a direct control Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which is given the task of servicing a portfolio of flexible(More)
—We consider a virtual power plant, which is given the task of dispatching a fluctuating power supply to a portfolio of flexible consumers. The flexible consumers are modeled as discrete batch processes, and the associated optimization problem is denoted the discrete virtual power plant dispatch problem (DVPPDP). First, the nondeterministic polynomial time(More)
In this paper, we develop an efficient interior-point method (IPM) for the linear programs arising in economic model predictive control of linear systems. The novelty of our algorithm is that it combines a homogeneous and self-dual model, and a specialized Riccati iteration procedure. We test the algorithm in a conceptual study of power systems management.(More)
In economic model predictive control of distributed energy systems, the constrained optimal control problem can be expressed as a linear program with a block-angular structure. In this paper, we present an efficient Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition algorithm specifically tailored to problems of this type. Simulations show that a MATLAB implementation of the(More)
— We consider a direct control Virtual Power Plant, which is given the task of maximizing the profit of a portfolio of flexible consumers by trading flexibility in Energy and Power Markets. Spot price optimization has been quite intensively researched in Smart Grid literature lately. In this work, however, we develop a three stage market model, which(More)
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