Kristi L. Wallace

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During explosive eruptions, airborne particles collide and stick together, accelerating the fallout of volcanic ash and climate-forcing aerosols. This aggregation process remains a major source of uncertainty both in ash dispersal forecasting and interpretation of eruptions from the geological record. Here we illuminate the mechanisms and timescales of(More)
Etiolated sunflower cotyledons developed in complete darkness and lacking photosystem (PS) 2 were exposed to continuous 200 µmol(photon) m−2 s−1 “white light” for 1, 3, 6, 12, and 18 h prior to evaluations of excitation-energy dissipation using modulated chlorophyll a fluorescence. Photochemical potential of PS2, measured as the dark-adapted quantum(More)
An areally extensive volcanic mass-flow deposit of Pleistocene age, known as the Chetaslina volcanic mass-flow deposit, is a prominent and visually striking deposit in the southeastern Copper River lowland of south-central Alaska. The mass-flow deposit consists of a diverse mixture of colorful, variably altered volcanic rocks, lahar deposits,(More)
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