Kristi L. Holmes

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QUESTION Is there a means of assessing research impact beyond citation analysis? SETTING The case study took place at the Washington University School of Medicine Becker Medical Library. METHOD This case study analyzed the research study process to identify indicators beyond citation count that demonstrate research impact. MAIN RESULTS The authors(More)
Recent advancements in translational medicine have created an urgent need for solutions that support information dissemination and facilitate a fluid exchange of data from the research laboratory to the clinical environment and on to the broader community. Medical libraries can help meet this need by incorporating emerging Web-based technologies in support(More)
an innovative course to educate the next generation of librarians. INTRODUCTION Technological advancements in the biosciences and clinical care have motivated libraries to embrace a model that welcomes librarians with specialized training and expertise to serve the changing information needs of their patrons. To educate the next generation workforce to meet(More)
Virtual reality (VR) is an increasingly hot tech topic. Because VR may be the ultimate virtual project as defined by this column, replacing the real world with a simulated one, it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on its potential and practicality for health sciences libraries. Virtual reality is a computer technology that uses headsets to create an(More)
VIVO is an open source semantic web platform that contains information about scholars and their interests and activities. This demonstration will highlight the platform and ontology, data sources, features of the software and the ways that VIVO data can be leveraged for a variety of purposes within and beyond an institution to facilitate collaboration and(More)
BACKGROUND Two new directors were each charged by their institutions to catalyze transformational change in their libraries and to develop dynamic and evolving information ecosystems ready for the information challenges of the future. The directors approached this transformational change using a strategic, forward-looking approach. RESULTS This paper(More)
Cross-disciplinary, team-based collaboration is essential for addressing today's complex research questions, and librarians are increasingly entering into such collaborations. This study identifies skills needed as librarians integrate into cross-disciplinary teams, based on the experiences of librarians involved in the development and implementation of(More)
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