Kristi G. Martin

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The Technical Quality Assurance group was initiated by the EFSUMB Board in 2007 and met firstly in 2008 to discuss and evaluate methods and procedures published for performing technical quality assurance for diagnostic ultrasound devices. It is the aim of this group of experts to advise the EFSUMB Board of effective and efficacious methods for routine use(More)
ISSUE: Historic increases in prescription drug prices and spending are contributing to unsustainable health care costs in the United States. There is widespread public support for elected officials to address the problem. GOAL: To document the drivers of high U.S. prescription drug prices and offer a broad range of feasible policy actions. METHODS:(More)
Considerable increase of premium for risk-insurance demands now risk management (RM) in German hospitals. RM is more than quality management and has other goals. The method we are using to analyse the risk in hospitals is given in detail. By this way we cover the main groups of potential personal damage of patients and reasons and fundamentals to sue the(More)
This case study investigated a Facebook group created and managed by a faculty administrator for students and alumni in a graduate-level education program. While most research to date has considered course-based applications, this research reports on how an academic Facebook group functioned as a way to interact with students, alumni, and faculty outside of(More)
PSYCHOLOGY OF AGING: This article sums up studies on influence of normal aging in memory. Aging is a process involving many dimensions: Psychological, Biological and Social. These elements interact with each other and needed to be considered in the description of human memory aging. COGNITIVE APPROACH OF HUMAN MEMORY: Moreover, researches on human memory(More)
Around 1 in 10 children and young people worldwide have mental health difficulties that substantially affect their lives. Even in high income countries only a small minority of these people access specialist support, which has led to demands for more mental health specialists. We support these calls but think that focusing exclusively on the need for more(More)
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