Krister Larsson

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Deprotonation and recrystallisation of racemic [Co(2,2'-biimidazole)3][NO3]3 by ammonia in water/dimethylformamide solutions gave crystals of [Co(Hbiim)3] x 0.8H2O x 0.5DMF (2: Hbiim = monoanion of 2,2'-biimidazole, DMF = dimethylformamide), a porous material that contains fourfold interpenetrating (10.3) three-dimensional nets formed by neutral,(More)
The MAX IV Laboratory is currently the synchrotron X-ray source with the beam of highest brilliance. Four imaging beamlines are in construction or in the project phase. Their common characteristic will be the high acquisition rates of phase-enhanced images. This high data flow will be managed at the local computing cluster jointly with the Swedish National(More)
The Nordic prediction model from 1996 is still used for road traffic noise predictions and noise mapping purposes in many cases in Sweden. The model is restricted to A-weighted levels and the vehicle categories only take light and heavy vehicles into account. Weather conditions and ground effects are simplified. The subsequent Nord2000Road model can be used(More)
The synthesis of a C2-symmetric cleft molecule 2 based on the fused framework between bicyclo[3.3.1]nonane and 4-oxo-5-azaindole, incorporating a self-complementary hydrogen-bonding motif, in both racemic and enantiomerically pure forms is reported. This cleft molecule is reminiscent of analogues of Tröger's base though with different cleft dimensions and(More)
Tris-chelated metal complexes with octahedral geometry are sometimes used as building blocks for "self assembly" and "crystal engineering". These versatile building blocks easily form honey-comb type 2D nets. However, in this Perspective we discuss the different types of 3D nets that can be formed with these starting materials using Wells classification,(More)
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