Kristen t. Honey

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The CD40-CD40 ligand (CD40L) interaction is a key event in the initiation of an adaptive immune response, and as such the therapeutic value of CD40L blockade has been studied in many experimental models of tissue transplantation and autoimmune disease. In rodents, transplantation of allogeneic tissues under the cover of anti-CD40L Abs has resulted in(More)
  • F Bemelman, K Honey, E Adams, S Cobbold, H Waldmann
  • 1998
The concept of immunologic tolerance arose from bone marrow transplantation in neonatal or irradiated mice, in which the predominant mechanism is clonal deletion of donor-specific T cells by donor hemopoietic cells in the recipient thymus. A short term treatment with nonlytic CD4 and CD8 mAbs can induce tolerance to tissue allografts or reversal of(More)
—Fishery managers often must make decisions regardless of data availability or completeness of scientific understanding. Existing and new legal mandates, such as the requirement to establish Annual Catch Limits for each United States fishery by 2011, as well as the ongoing need to improve understanding of fish stock dynamics, are driving efforts to develop(More)
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