Kristen Wendel

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The topoisomerase (topo) II-directed agents etoposide, daunorubicin (DNR), and amsacrine (m-AMSA) are widely used in the treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). In the present study, multiple aspects of topo II-mediated drug action were examined in marrows from adult AML patients. Colony-forming assays revealed that the dose of etoposide, DNR, or(More)
This study investigated the effect of speaking task on auditory-perceptual judgment of the severity of dysphonia. Three speech-language pathologists experienced in evaluating of disordered voices rated 29 recorded speakers, each of whom produced speech elicited via the same three tasks: sustained vowel /a/, oral reading of a standard passage, and connected(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the length and distribution of the branches of the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve (ibSLN) and describe the initial afferent pathway for the laryngeal cough reflex (LCR). On 25 sides of 19 cadaver specimens, the ibSLN and its branches were dissected from the greater cornu of the hyoid to the mucosa(More)
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