Kristen Wegner

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Complexity of biomedical data requires novel sophisticated analysis and presentation methods. Sonification is used as a new information display in augmented reality systems to overcome problems of existing human-computer interfaces (e.g., opaque or heavy head-mounted displays, slow computer graphics, etc.). A novel taxonomy of sonification methods and(More)
We discuss an experimental audio feedback system and method for positional guidance in real-time surgical instrument placement tasks. This system is intended for future usability testing in order to ascertain the efficacy of the use of the aural modality for assisting surgical placement tasks in the operating room. The method is based on translating spatial(More)
The scope of the paper is stereoscopic CCTV with applications to road traffic surveillance. The main idea is to exploit stereoscopic video analysis for automatic estimation of dimensions of moving vehicles. The major steps of the proposed technique include stereoscopic video correction, identification of characteristic points of vehicle contours in video(More)
In this paper, we present the original compression technology that was designed and developed at Poznan University of Technology in response to MPEG Call for Proposals on 3D Video Coding Technology. One view is coded in the HEVC syntax while the side views and the depth maps are very efficiently coded exploiting various redundancies that are related to(More)
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