Kristen S Keck

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Gas phase structural parameters for ethynylferrocene have been determined using microwave spectroscopy. Rotational transitions due to a- and b-type dipole moments were measured. Twenty four rotational constants have been determined by fitting the measured transitions of various isotopomers using a rigid rotor Hamiltonian with centrifugal distortion(More)
The measurements of rotational spectra and metal-hydrogen bond lengths for molybdenum and tungsten hydride complexes were recently completed in our laboratory. The W-H and Mo-H bond lengths were obtained from high resolution rotational spectra of C5H5Mo(CO)3H, C5H5W(CO)3H, C5H5Mo(CO)3D, and C5H5W(CO)3D. Data for five molybdenum and four tungsten isotopomers(More)
Microwave spectra were obtained for two distinct structural isomers of 1,1'-dimethylferrocene, an eclipsed synperiplanar isomer (phi = 0 degrees, the E0 isomer), with A = 1176.9003(2) MHz, B = 898.3343(2) MHz, C = 668.7469(2) MHz, and an eclipsed synclinal isomer (phi = 72 degrees, the E72 isomer) with A = 1208.7117(14) MHz, B = 806.4101(12) MHz, and C =(More)
A new bandstop filter design is proposed using evanescent mode cavities consisting of short-circuited lengths of cylindrical waveguide operated below cutoff frequency. The proposed bandstop filter shows a very high Q bandstop response at lower frequencies, unavailable with a lumped element approach, and with smaller physical size than can be achieved with(More)
Two possible conformers of the dinuclear complex Mn Re(CO)10, each of C(4v) symmetry, with eclipsed and staggered conformations, have been analyzed theoretically. Using both the B3LYP and BP86 density functionals we find that the staggered form is lower in energy. A determination of the B3LYP potential energy surface as a function of the Mn-Re distance is(More)
The first rotational spectrum of a dinuclear complex, MnRe(CO)(10), has been obtained using a high-resolution pulsed beam microwave spectrometer. Sixty-four hyperfine components of the J=11-->J(')=12 and J=12-->J(')=13 rotational transitions were measured for two rhenium isotopomers. The B values obtained from the experiment are B=200.36871(18) MHz for the(More)
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