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It has served as a summing up of the work I had done in system development research together with colleagues and team members up to the mid 1980s. Since then, I have professionally mainly been working in object-oriented language design. Politically, the years 1988-1994 were consumed by my leadership of the "No to EU"-organisation till our victory on 28(More)
The BETA programming language is developed as part of the BETAproject. The purpose of this project is to develop concepts,constructs and tools in the field of programming and programminglanguages. BETA has been developed from 1975 on and the variousstages of the language are documented in [BETA a]. The application area of BETA is programming of embedded as(More)
The term object-oriented programming is derived f'rom the object concept in the Simula 67 programming language. In that language an execution of a computer program is organized as the joint execution of a (possibly variable) collection of objects. The collection as a whole is represented by a system object, and objects sharing a common structure are said to(More)
Immunofluorescence staining for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), secretory component (SC), and epithelial IgA was evaluated semiquantitatively in 85 large-bowel carcinomas in relation to degree of tumour differentiation, Dukes' stage, and plasma CEA level. The tumours were divided into a near-diploid (ND, 28) and an aneuploid group (AN, 57) by means of(More)
The lecture will trace the development of some important object-oriented concepts and point out the analogy between performances at the stage of a theatre and the operation of information systems (and program executions). This metaphor will be used in a description of the ideas pursued and developed in the GOODS Project (General Object-Oriented Distributed(More)