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A balloon trajectory control system is discussed that is under development for use on NASA's Ultra Long Duration Balloon Project. The trajectory control system exploits the natural wind field variation with altitude to generate passive lateral control forces on a balloon using a tether-deployed aerodynamic surface below the balloon. A lifting device, such(More)
Comparison of the times of occurrence of a newly discovered type of disturbance in the interplanetary magnetic field at 0.72 astronomical unit with the passage of the small Venus-crossing asteroid, 2201 Oljato, reveals a possible association, but the source of these disturbances appears to be associated with outgassing material in the Oljato orbit some(More)
This paper investigates the extent to which atmospheric turbulence can be exploited as a random bit generator. Atmospheric turbulence is considered an inherently random process due to the complex inhomogeneous system composition and its sensitivity to changes in pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind conditions. A self-calibrating Mach-Zehnder(More)
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