Kristen M Stivers

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Cisplatin and carboplatin are platinum-based drugs that are widely used in cancer chemotherapy. The cytotoxicity of these drugs is mediated by platinum-DNA monoadducts and intra- and interstrand diadducts, which are formed following uptake of the drug into the nucleus of cells. The pharmacodynamics of carboplatin display fewer side effects than for(More)
A technique for investigating the three-dimensional kinematics of knee motion during dynamic functional tasks has been developed. It involves the combined usage of a six degree of freedom goniometer and helical motion analysis. A detailed procedure for coordinate system alignment and calibration must be followed. Once established this entire procedure is(More)
The knee kinematics of eight individuals with uninjured knees and of seven individuals with ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments have been investigated during walking and pivoting. The kinematics were measured using a six degree of freedom goniometer and quantitated using helical motion analysis. The helical motion variables reveal clearly that the knee is(More)
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