Kristen Lantz Reichenbach

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The coupling properties of multi-core fibers are analyzed using the multipole method and coupled mode theory in order to gain insights into the performance of image fibers that are commonly used in flexible endoscopes. It is explained that coherent fiber bundles with high core density are able to transport images because nonuniformity in the pixel size(More)
Flexible endoscopes commonly use coherent fiber bundles with high core density to facilitate in vivo imaging. Small, closely spaced cores are desired for achieving a high number of resolvable pixels in a small diameter fiber bundle. On the other hand, closely spaced cores potentially lead to strong core-to-core coupling. Based on numerical simulations, it(More)
The effects of random imperfections in the lattice of a photonic crystal fiber on the propagation of the fundamental mode are analyzed using numerical simulations based on the multipole method. Lattice irregularities are shown to induce significant birefringence in fibers with large air holes but to cause a negligible increase in the confinement loss for(More)
Random nonuniformities in the photonic crystal lattice are shown to reduce the coupling length and the coupling efficiency of two-core photonic crystal fibers. These coupling properties are extremely sensitive to imperfections when the air holes are large; variations in the lattice of less than 1% are sufficient to cause essentially independent core(More)
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