Kristen Lafferty

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The survival of thyroid allografts in mice was prolonged by either holding the grafts in vitro culture for 20 to 27 days or by cobalt-60 irradiation of the donor 2 days before transplantation with or without the intravenous injection of colloidal carbon just before removing the thyroid from the donor. In both cases the rejection process was restored by an(More)
Freund's complete adjuvant (CFA) and BCG vaccine modulate the development of type 1 diabetes in animal models. In non-obese diabetic mice, CFA and BCG significantly reduced the proportion developing diabetes compared with controls. Histological examination showed that autoimmune disease still developed but had been diverted to become nondestructive. In a(More)
Sixty percent of the patients going for valve replacement opt for mechanical valves and the remaining 40% choose bioprosthetics. Mechanical valves are known to have a higher risk of thrombosis; this risk further varies depending on the type of valve, its position, and certain individual factors. According to current guidelines, long-term anticoagulation is(More)
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