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State Support in the Market: Women and Tourism Employment in Post-Socialist Bulgaria
In many former Eastern Bloc countries, economic transition has been responsible for drastic declines the social and economic well-being for both men and women. In general, however, women have tended
Starting a Family at Your Parents' House: Multigenerational Households and below Replacement Fertility in Urban Bulgaria
In societies with strong multigenerational links, economic uncertainty results in choosing to stay with one child, sometimes in association with postponement of first births (i.e., Italy) and somet...
Untangling the knot: A response to Nanette Funk
I am delighted that the editors of the Open Forum of the European Journal of Women’s Studies have allowed me the opportunity to respond to Nanette Funk’s provocative and incisive article: ‘A very
Potions, lotions and lipstick: The gendered consumption of cosmetics and perfumery in socialist and post-socialist urban Bulgaria
Synopsis This article examines the recent history of the consumption of perfumery and cosmetics in urban Bulgaria during the communist and post-communist periods. While the consumption of perfumes,
Left Wing, Right Wing, Everything: Xenophobia, Neo-totalitarianism, and Populist Politics in Bulgaria
The Ataka party plays up ethnic and religious intolerance to garner far-right support for its far-left political agenda.
Socialist Secularism: Religion, Modernity, and Muslim Women's Emancipation in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, 1945–1991
This article uses the examples of socialist Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to propose some new directions for rethinking scholarly understandings of “secularism” and the ways in which socialist secularizing
Bumbling idiots or evil masterminds? Challenging cold war stereotypes about women, sexuality and state socialism
In academic writing, facts about the past generally require the citation of relevant sources unless the fact or idea is considered “common knowledge:” bits of information or dates upon which there is
Minarets after Marx
This article examines the interplay between communist nostalgia and new forms of universalist Islam among Slavic Muslims (Pomaks) in Bulgaria. Many Bulgarians are looking back to the totalitarian era
The Headscarf Debate in Bulgaria
: Janine R Wedel is contributing editor of “Research on Policy,” the AAA Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy column in Anthropology News.