Kristen Fleischhauer

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Biotinidase deficiency is an autosomal recessively inherited disorder that results in the inability to recycle the vitamin biotin. The disorder can cause neurologic and cutaneous abnormalities that can be treated effectively with pharmacologic doses of biotin. We identified 21 mutations that cause profound biotinidase deficiency in 37 symptomatic children(More)
Comparison of transplantation medicine in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Portugal reveals many and important differences with respect to frequency of transplantations, frequency of life donations, legal regulations and influence of the family on organ donation. The differences observed are at least partly related to cultural and value differences(More)
The duties of the "Physician 2000 A.D." will continue to be determined by the needs of curative medicine. Therefore, in spite of many changes in medicine and in society as a whole, care for the individual patient will remain the predominant obligation of the future medical doctor. In order to comply with these obligations, the doctor must command a great(More)
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