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The clinical use of regional hyperthermia combined with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both in 107 patients with advanced cancer is reported. Surgery was subsequently carried out in eight patients. The radiofrequency equipment used is capable of heating tumors at any depth with few adverse side effects. Complete responses to therapy occurred in 16(More)
We examined if 8 weeks of whey protein (WP) supplementation improved body composition and performance measures in NCAA Division III female basketball players. Subjects were assigned to consume 24 g WP (n = 8; age, 20 ± 2 years; height, 170 ± 6 cm; weight, 66.0 ± 3.1 kg) or 24 g of maltodextrin (MD) (n = 6; age, 21 ± 3 years; height, 169 ± 6 cm; weight, 68.2(More)
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