Kristen Dietiker

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Mobile devices are sweeping across campuses as students and faculty find new uses for them in learning, teaching, and research. At the University of Washington's Department of Surgery, a similar story is being told. There is great interest in deploying iPads in research and education among both faculty and staff. However, the tension between providing(More)
The University Of Washington Department of Surgery IT Services Group supports faculty, researchers, and staff within a clinical hospital environment and at multiple sites. Because of the need to secure protected health information (PHI) due to regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the department had previously(More)
In 2012, the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington implemented Atlassian's Confluence wiki product as a department intranet and collaboration space. Use of the product among various workgroups has grown organically and has contributed to improved information sharing and knowledge management. This paper will discuss the department needs and(More)
Have you ever regretted a hire you made? Wondered why the person who looked so good in the interview didn't later perform at the level you expected? Or wondered why the new employee with the slam-dunk skillset has fractured your team? Hiring the right staff is a crucial skill for all managers to master. Without the right team in place, many of your most(More)
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