Kristen A. Porter

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We have previously demonstrated that immunization with the inactivated Francisella tularensis, a Category A intracellular mucosal pathogen, combined with IgG2a anti-F. tularensis monoclonal antibody (Ab), enhances protection against subsequent F. tularensis challenge. To understand the mechanism(s) involved, we examined the binding, internalization,(More)
BACKGROUND The Pr55(gag) (Gag) polyprotein of HIV serves as a scaffold for virion assembly and is thus essential for progeny virion budding and maturation. Gag localizes to the plasma membrane (PM) and membranes of late endosomes, allowing for release of infectious virus directly from the cell membrane and/or upon exocytosis. The host factors involved in(More)
Activated CD4(+) T cells are more susceptible to HIV infection than resting T cells; the reason for this remains unresolved. Induction of CIITA and subsequent expression of the MHC class II isotype HLA-DR are hallmarks of CD4(+) T cell activation; therefore, we investigated the role of CIITA expression in T cells during HIV infection. CIITA-expressing SupT1(More)
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