Kristel Verbiest

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Autonomous robotic systems can help for risky interventions to reduce the risk to human lives. An example of such a risky intervention is a camp surveillance scenario, where an environment needs to be patrolled and intruders need to be detected and intercepted. This paper describes the development of a mobile outdoor robot which is capable of performing(More)
In the project ViewFinder mobile robots equipped with numerous perception sensors will be integrated into a command and control network. In order to improve the development process and secure the test phase, a simulation environment is mandatory. This paper presents the simulation needs of the project ViewFinder taking into account the robot mission(More)
In risky applications it is advantageous to use multiple robots in order to improve performances. In a research or patrol scenario robots have to move cooperatively in order to avoid collisions and to improve performance. In this paper we describe the implementation of two variations of a cooperative planning algorithm: Cooperative A* and Cooperative(More)
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