Kristaq Kume

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We estimated neutral diversity of 21 European cattle breeds with 105 microsatellites. Nine of them resembled unselected Balkan Buša strains with diffuse breeding barriers and the 12 others were strongly differentiated, isolated breeds. Because of the impact of neutral genetic diversity on long-term population adaptive capacity, we discuss the long-term(More)
Decentralization of financial resources management in elementary and secondary education institutions is one of the priority actions being implemented in Kosovo. This process is taking place in line with the current global trend, according to which the increased autonomy and diversity in financial sources are the basic conditions for enhancing the capacity(More)
Lehrstuhl für Tierzucht und Allgemeine Landwirtschaftslehre, Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität, München; Department of Animal Production and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia, Tierzuchtforschung e.V. München, Grub, Institut für Tierzucht, Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, Grub; K. Kume, Livestock Research Institute Thanas Ziko,(More)
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