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A review of cyber security risk assessment methods for SCADA systems
This paper reviews the state of the art in cyber security risk assessment of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Expand
A Cyber Forensic Taxonomy for SCADA Systems in Critical Infrastructure
This paper provides an overview of the SCADA forensic process, within critical infrastructure, and discusses the existing challenges of carrying out aSCADA forensic investigation. Expand
A Forensic Taxonomy of SCADA Systems and Approach to Incident Response
This paper provides an overall forensic taxonomy of the SCADA system incident response model and suggests ways in which the process may be improved. Expand
SCADA System Forensic Analysis Within IIoT
A new wave of industrial technology has emerged in the form of Industry 4.0, which has seen a progression from electronic devices and IT (Information Technology) systems that automate productionExpand
The British Nuclear Experience: The Roles of Beliefs, Culture and Identity
Introduction 1. The Emergence of a Deterrence 'Habit of Mind' 2. The Chiefs of Staff, Nuclear Weapons and Global Strategy 3. From Atomic Weapons to Thermonuclear Weapons 4. Forging the 'Special'Expand
UK cyber security and critical national infrastructure protection
This article is intended to aid the UK government in protecting the UK from cyber attacks on its Critical National Infrastructure. With a National Cyber Security Centre now being established and anExpand
Forensic Readiness for SCADA/ICS Incident Response
The actions carried out following any cyber-attack are vital in limiting damage, regaining control and determining the cause and those responsible. Expand
Determining and Sharing Risk Data in Distributed Interdependent Systems
Any risk analysis of a large infrastructure that does not account for external dependencies is dangerously introspective. Expand